Organic - Barone Cornacchia


WE HAVE ALWAYSBeen dedicated to organic production

With such an extensive estate, our ancestors chose to plant vineyards where they naturally produced excellent grapes. The conditions of the microclimate generated by our position between the sea, mountains and hills and the properties of our stony calcareous soil have long guaranteed high-quality production without the widespread use of pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers, long before an awareness developed of what we now define as organic farming.

WHY CHOOSE ORGANIC?What organic farming means to us

Organic wine is the product of a particular approach to cultivation. Organic viticulture excludes the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers. Plant-based and mineral products are used instead to combat parasites and disease, improve soil health and favour absorption of nutrients. Soil vitality is fundamental to plant nutrition. Soils are alive and we need them to remain so. This demands close knowledge of the seasons and a readiness to intervene whenever the plant requires it.
All of our vineyards contain wild growth, allowing the roots of our plants and grapes to “breathe”.

We believe that organic farming should go hand in hand with environmental sustainability.

01Solar-energy system

We have had solar panels installed on the roof of our winery for over ten years.

02Lightweight bottles

The use of lighter bottles for the Casanova range was a conscious decision. A reduced glass content has notable environmental benefits: lower energy consumption starting from the production phase paired with lower consumption for transport and disposal.

03Energy self-generation

Cleaning procedures in our cellars use hot water produced from our biomass boiler, which is fuelled with waste generated by pruning, destemming, crushing, etc.

The beauty of organic living

“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.”


WE FOLLOWThe rhythm of the seasons.

Nature is our conductor, and we follow its rhythm.