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Trebbiano Macerato

Il trebbianoTradition and Innovation

Ever since our father decided to pass the baton onto us and give us the ownership of the family winery, we have continued to perpetuate the traditions and followed the path already set by him and his predecessors, adding in the modernity that comes naturally to us being the new generation.
Our way of working has always been organic and now it is even more rigorously controlled and certified. For whites and rosé, we have added a vegan certification.
In recent years, we have worked on the elegance and finesse of the wines, on bringing out the best of the special fruit that our hills produce.
With our Montepulciano, including our Cerasuolo, we have made an effort to refine the intensity and balance by trying to tame the intense tannins and by bringing out the particular characteristics given by our land. With the white wines we have planted new Pecorino vines and increased the production of the Passerina, both of which we have vinified as single varietals.

InspirationBaron Filippo Vizzarro Cornacchia

In 2019 we took inspiration from the past from the old bottles that we keep from our grandfather Alessandro Cornacchia. Already our great grandfather, Baron Filippo Vizzarro Cornacchia, in the 1920s made wine, received prizes and sold this wine, shipping it in barrels loaded on trains to the nearest station.
But it is our grandfather Alessandro, who began to bottle both Montepulciano and Trebbiano. At the time, the vinification took place in very large and open vats where the wine was fermented together with the skins.

HistoryThe legacy of the past

The bottles of that wine, (at least the most recent) have remained a legacy and still have a lot to teach us.
Inspired by that intensity and strong personality, we decided, in 2019, to resume that type of vinification with the Trebbiano grapes, coming from the single vineyard Il Lago (The lake) by macerating the must with the skins for over 30 days. However, we added our interpretation by using only stainless steel.

How it was born

Fermentation is spontaneous and comes only from the indigenous yeasts of our Trebbiano.
After the maceration phase, in mid-October 2019, we separated the skins with the by means of a soft press, to obtain the free run juice. Subsequently the wine remained on its lees for 12 months (mid-October 2019 – mid-November 2020) in stainless steel tanks. During this phase the mass was periodically moved with frequent batonnage to bring the lees into suspension.
The result is a wine with an intense yellow color, golden with amber reflections. Complex nose, which starts with notes of ripe fruit, dried fruit, and then releases herbal notes of mint and sage. Full, round and complex in the mouth, with personality. It leaves a lingering finish with an intriguing bitter almond note.
“A naked wine” to be tasted at 15/16 °C (59/60°F) accompanied by hearty dishes. “

Special editionTrebbiano Macerato

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